Get Your Civil War Trading Cards

Wanna trade a Jeremiah Gage for your 9th Massachusetts Battery?  Oh, you haven’t picked up any Civil War trading cards at Gettysburg National Military Park yet?  Gettysburg has eight cards, with photos and stories about Amos Humiston; George Meade, Jeremiah Gage, Robert E. Lee, the 9th Massachusetts Battery, the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, the Gettysburg Address, and the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Two dozen national parks, including the Civil War battlefields as well as other parks with Civil War connections are distributing their own trading cards. This new National Park Service project is an appeal to younger, newer visitors.  The idea of the cards is that Park Rangers give them to young visitors as a reward for attending programs.  Any youngsters who mention that they have collected any cards from other national parks get a free commemorative backpack – while supplies last.

The cards are free and collectors can travel to other national parks to collect a complete set.  The collectible series commemorates people and places of the Civil War and makes connections to places you can visit today.    The trading cards are a Civil War 150th project.  To learn more about the Civil War 150th commemoration in the National Park Service go to:

Other sites in the area with civil war trading cards are: Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, and Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, Maryland.  For more information about Gettysburg National Military Park go to:

Dentists across the nation are probably rejoicing that these cards do not come with any of those old sticks of gum.

Katie Lawhon, Management Assistant


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6 Responses to Get Your Civil War Trading Cards

  1. David Barnes says:

    how can I purchase the civil war trading card and where?

  2. Dennis Disbrow says:

    But some of us are unable to travel to all the sites. Isn’t there any other way to get the ones issued at the sites that I cannot get to?

    • The Staff says:

      Thanks for your interest – the Civil War trading cards are meant for younger visitors and they are a reward for going on programs with National Park Rangers. Unfortunately you have to come here to get them, we do not mail them out.

  3. Caroline K. says:

    We were at Antietam National Battlefield yesterday where my son earned his Junior Ranger badge. Were there trading cards to get there too?

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