Gettysburg’s Orchards get some TLC

The Branching Out gang at Gettysburg

The National Park Service’s Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation provided Gettysburg National Military Park with 13 youth from their landscape management program, Branching Out, to assist the park with orchard management. Branching Out engages young people in learning the concepts and techniques of landscape management practices within the National Park Service. 

Vole prevention in the Peach Orchard

Through structured hands-on field experiences, participants are exposed to a variety of opportunities that can lead to higher education and career exploration in park management.  Youth participants work alongside National Park Service staff and trade professionals to protect park resources while acquiring the knowledge and skills of landscape stewardship and conservation.


Brendan Chin works in the Rose North Orchard

While at Gettysburg Branching Out participants learned from park experts the how-to’s of pruning orchard trees;  the importance of pest management practices to reduce trunk girdling by voles; and tips to identify basic tree anatomy and physiology. 

The park thanks Branching Out for their exceptional work and we look forward to working with Branching Out in the future!

For more information on Branching Out visit:

In a future blog post I will write more about caring for Gettysburg’s historic orchards.

Zach Bolitho, Chief, Resource Management, August 8, 2012


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5 Responses to Gettysburg’s Orchards get some TLC

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for being such wonderful hosts! We all really enjoyed working with Gettysburg staff and enjoying your beautiful landscape resources.

  2. Can someone explain the teabags found on some of the orchard trees at Gettysburg? Is this some sort of homespun insect repellent?

  3. steven1863 says:

    The effort and dedication is greatly appreciated by all

    Thanks for all you do !!

  4. Brian says:

    Can you tell me the name of the product used which is hung in the trees to repell the dear?

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