Gettysburg’s Cyclorama Building Environmental Assessment Available Now for Comment

Gettysburg’s Cyclorama building

Gettysburg National Military Park has posted an environmental assessment for the Final Disposition of the Gettysburg Cyclorama Building.  The document is now available at  for review and public comment.  The comment period ends September 21, 2012.  

The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing to demolish the Gettysburg Cyclorama building, located on North Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg National Military Park, as part of its project to rehabilitate North Cemetery Ridge to its historic 1863 and commemorative-era appearance.  Other actions would include returning monuments to their historic locations, rebuilding commemorative pedestrian pathways and rebuilding historic fences.

The environmental assessment has been prepared in response to a decision of the U.S. District Court in March 2010 directing the NPS to undertake a site-specific environmental analysis on the demolition of the Cyclorama building and to consider “non-demolition alternatives” to its removal before any implementing action is taken on the building.  The building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

The EA evaluates three alternatives: Alternative A: No-action: Mothballing of Cyclorama Building; Alternative B: Demolition and Removal of the Cyclorama Building (NPS Preferred); Alternative C: Relocation of the Cyclorama Building Outside the Park by a Non-NPS Entity.  

The NPS has chosen Alternative B: Demolition and Removal of the Cyclorama Building as the NPS preferred alternative because it best meets the project’s purpose and need to rehabilitate the landscape of the North Cemetery Ridge to its 1863 and commemorative-era appearance by removing modern intrusions.

In addition to on-line comments, the park will accept email comments to: or mail to: Gettysburg National Military Park, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Suite 100, Gettysburg, PA 17325.  All comments must include a name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, if applicable.

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, Gettysburg National Military Park will accept EA comments at a public meeting of the park Advisory Commission.   The meeting will be from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and takes place at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Ford Education Center, 1195 Baltimore Pike.


Katie Lawhon, Management Assistant, August 22, 2012

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7 Responses to Gettysburg’s Cyclorama Building Environmental Assessment Available Now for Comment

  1. steven1863 says:

    I am writing as a concerned American, civil war buff and previous
    Licensed Guide at Gettysburg National Military Park.

    After reviewing the number of opinions about the future of the former
    cyclorama building, it is my strong opinion that the structure should
    be demolished to make way for the restoration of that portion of the
    field to its 1863 appearance.   The structure does sit in a
    preserved, nationally recognized, military park, an although previous
    decisions were made to build it there, it does not mean they were good

    I have fond memories of the building and the many hundreds of visits
    I’ve had there, but my overwhelming appreciation of the historic site
    tells me that it is, without a question, the right decision.

    Thank you for making available this venue to be heard, as this
    decision effects all Americans alike.


    Steven J. Pacholyk

  2. John Nyeste - Denver PA says:

    I agree with Steven. It needs to go. While I’m not opposed to it being moved somewhere else (not within park boundaries), who know how long it would take to find someone to do that, raise the funds, and make the actual move. What if it took several years for someone to raise the majority of the money needed for the project and then the funds dried up? Back to square one.

  3. Kurt Eberly says:

    If Troy Harman is correct (Lee’s Real Plan at Gettysburg) than the ground that the cyclorama buiding sits on is the most significant on the entire field. I would like to see it as Lee saw from Seminary Ridge.

  4. Dale Call says:

    Agreed. It is long overdue that this eyesore is removed from the landscape. How many dollars were spent on this court-ordered study that could have been used to rehabilitate hallowed ground? This building, compared to the land it sits on and what happened there in 1863, is not significant, never was, and never will be. Knock it down.

  5. Jeff Reynolds says:

    It is my opinion that above all the Cyclorama building needs to go. As it has become a historic structure in its own right would cause me to lean toward having it moved, possibly to somewhere to the east of Cemetery Ridge off of the field of battle, but if that is not possible I believe the first priority is to restore the integrity of the battlefield. Without the battlefield the Cyclorama building would never have been there in the first place.

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  7. Heather B. says:

    It really needs to go, tear it down and restore the battlefield. The building has outlived it’s purpose of serving the visitors of Gettyburg. As a local resident, I am looking forward to seeing the battlefield as it was in 1863.

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