“Who Will You Follow?” – Pickett’s Charge and the Story of the Common Soldier: The Results

Last week we asked you to take part in an experiment. And hundreds of you did.

We asked the readers of this blog, and our friends on Facebook, to help us shape one of our anniversary Battle Walks by selecting the individuals we would follow into battle on July 3rd, 2014. We profiled nine different Confederate soldiers who took part in Pickett’s Charge, alongside the units they belonged to. Each individual and each story was different. The men represented different geographic locations, different walks of life, different ages. They all experienced the events of July 3rd in a unique way. Of those nine soldiers, three were selected. They were chosen by you, the readers of this blog and the participants of this interpretive program. Never before at Gettysburg National Military Park have the participants of a program, both digital and real, taken such a large role in shaping what we do on the battlefield. For that we are thankful.

And so, without further ado…Image

We invite you to join us on July 3rd, 2014  for “Who Will You Follow” – Pickett’s Charge and the Story of the Common Soldier. Ranger Jim Flook will follow the path of Lt. John James and the men of the 11th Virginia of Kemper’s Brigade. Ranger Philip Brown will examine the story of A. D. Norris and his comrades in the 7th Tennessee, while Ranger Bill Hewitt will share the experience of the Coffey Family of the 26th North Carolina. The program will begin at 2:30 PM at the Virginia Memorial. We hope to see you there for the program you helped create.







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One Response to “Who Will You Follow?” – Pickett’s Charge and the Story of the Common Soldier: The Results

  1. Harry Paige says:

    May I say Jim flook did a great job with his tour.

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