Lincoln Speech Memorial Repair/Rehabilitation

Historic Preservation training Center staff at work on the memorial.

Historic Preservation Training Center staff at work on the memorial.

The National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center just completed this project to address maintenance preservation issues associated with the Lincoln Speech Memorial in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg National Military Park.

The Lincoln Speech Memorial is unique: it commemorates the speech Lincoln gave at Gettysburg and not the man himself. Thus, it is one of the few memorials in the

masonry out of alignment

masonry out of alignment

world dedicated to honor a speech. The bronze bust of Lincoln, by sculptor Henry Bush-Brown, reveals the heavy toll the war and the nation’s suffering had upon him. Inscribed in bronze on the right is the Gettysburg Address. On the left is the letter Lincoln received inviting him to speak at Gettysburg. To download a pdf of the National Cemetery Walking Tour brochure click here.

Tasks included documentation and evaluation of existing conditions, mapping and documentation of the general configuration and alignment of brick pavers in preparation for possible disassembly. The granite obelisks were disassembled and reset in their original locations as determined by mortar ghost lines. The granite stair units and adjacent concrete

stonework in need of repair

stonework in need of repair

curb units were out of alignment and were removed and realigned. Repointing of all mortar joints was completed. JOS micro-abrasive cleaning was completed on all non-polished granite surfaces.  Areas stone deterioration, spalling or other damage were repaired with dutchmans.

Work started in mid-August and was completed in early November, just in time for the 151st anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19th.

Gettysburg National Military Park wishes to thank the Gettysburg Foundation for funding this project with partial funding from the American Express Foundation and the Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation.  We also thank our national Park Service colleagues at the Historic Preservation Training Center for their excellent work and for many of the photos used in this blog.

Katie Lawhon, Management Assistant, 11/14/14

Repairs have been completed.

Repairs have been completed.


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