Gettysburg: A Powerful Partnership

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The National Park Service is currently considering a proposal from the Gettysburg Foundation to increase fees at the Museum and Visitor Center and some other activities and attractions within Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site.  To learn more about this proposal, we encourage you to read the report and tell us what you think. The deadlines for comments is May 25, 2016.

May is Preservation Month so let’s take a closer look at this partnership.


­Preservation is at the core of the Gettysburg Foundation’s projects and goals:  For 27 years the Gettysburg Foundation has stood with the National Park Service as the steward of preservation, restoration and education at Gettysburg National Military Park, attending to the serious and ongoing preservation needs of the battlefield as well as at Eisenhower National Historic Site.  Prior to 2006, the Gettysburg Foundation was known as the Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg established in 1989.

Fundraising and Donations: The Gettysburg Foundation funded, designed and constructed the park’s $ 103 million Museum and Visitor Center which opened in 2008. In the past ten years, the Foundation raised nearly $30 million to support:

  • $2 million for education programs
  • $21 million for acquisition of land, historic structures and artifacts
  • $5.7 million to preserve historic landscapes, structures and monuments
  • $1.2 million to support the commemoration of 150thanniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address.

Support and Advocacy:  Since 1989 the Gettysburg Foundation has increased awareness and relevancy of Gettysburg’s two national parks through its “Friends of Gettysburg” memberships, volunteer opportunities and more.  An active corps of 25,000 Friends members enjoys more meaningful engagement with the NPS, strengthening and expanding our support nationally and internationally. Their new “Recruit” membership levels helps target Millennials – a demographic that the NPS is trying hard to engage. Friends programs and other Foundation projects offer philanthropic support that directly benefits the two national parks in Gettysburg and the National Park Service as a whole.

Recent Projects include sponsoring National Park Service Centennial events, fundraising for the rehab of Little Round Top and the rehab of Cemetery Ridge, funding the new cannon carriage restoration shop, education programs, acquisition of numerous important objects for the park’s museum collections and much more.

Throughout our Centennial year we’re trying harder than ever to engage with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates.  The Gettysburg Foundation and the Friends of Gettysburg continue to play a critical role in our success.

Katie Lawhon, May 5, 2016


About Gettysburg National Military Park

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1 Response to Gettysburg: A Powerful Partnership

  1. Fred Knauf says:

    As a tax paying citizen of the United States of America, and one who is paying far more than the average, I am insulted by a “not-for-profit Foundation’s” request for charging more fees on National Park property. Do THEY, the rich and famous who are the Foundation, own the cyclorama mural? Perhaps we, the people, need to place it where it should be…in the hands of the American people and move it to a National Museum owned by the American people. Look at just how much is paid to the members of the Foundation each year and you will wonder just how “not for profit” they really are.

    Though I can afford another dollar or two to go, I will not step into their semi-ugly building again when I frequent Gettysburg. Other than the mural, where you never get enough time to really see it, the place isn’t worth the price they charge today.

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