Operational Update – Spring 2017

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About Gettysburg National Military Park

Welcome to the official Wordpress page for Gettysburg National Military Park. This page is maintained by National Park Service employees at Gettysburg National Military Park.
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3 Responses to Operational Update – Spring 2017

  1. John Nyeste says:

    Anything planned for the golf course land this year?

    • The Staff says:

      A resource study is currently underway to rehabilitate the Harman Farm property and interpret not only the battle action that took place there but also the history of the Katalysine Springs Hotel. The park hopes to begin some of the physical removal of non-historic features such as the pond and sand traps from the old Country Club sometime with the next year or two. Returning the landscape of the Harman farm to its 1863 appearance and providing interpretive exhibits at the site will finally preserve the story of the farm’s history during the battle and after.

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