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“The Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” Revisited, Part 1

One of the most iconic images of Gettysburg is the photograph of a deceased Confederate soldier lying behind a stone barricade at Devil’s Den. This graphic image was first published in 1866 in Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War, … Continue reading

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“Who Will You Follow?” – Pickett’s Charge and the Story of the Common Soldier: The Results

Last week we asked you to take part in an experiment. And hundreds of you did. We asked the readers of this blog, and our friends on Facebook, to help us shape one of our anniversary Battle Walks by selecting … Continue reading

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“Killed at Spotsylvania”

After an all-night march, Union soldiers of Maj. Gen. Gouvernor Warren’s 5th Corps arrived not far from Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia on May 8th, 1864. The men were exhausted and bloodied, having trudged through the night and having for the previous two … Continue reading

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The Lee Controversy of 1903

Monuments and memorials seem to breed controversy. Take for example a current battle brewing in Florida over a proposed monument to Union soldiers killed in the battle of Olustee.  Or you could turn your gaze to Washington D.C. where battles … Continue reading

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Gettysburg 150th – July 2 Battlefield Experience Programs

    Captain Samuel R. Johnston was an imposing man in his time. He stood 6 feet 2 ½ inches in height with a dark complexion, hazel eyes and dark hair. Before the war he worked as a civil engineer in … Continue reading

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Prisoners – Part 3 – A Confederate Story

    On the afternoon of July 1, Confederate general Robert E. Rodes, commanding a division in Lt. General Richard Ewell’s Second Corps, ordered the North Carolina brigade of Brigadier General Alfred Iverson to assault what Rodes believed was the enemy’s … Continue reading

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“I can’t tell you what we suffered” Prisoners, Part 2 – A Union Story

    When infantry of Pickett’s division began to pour over the stone wall at the Angle during the climatic moments of Pickett’s Charge, the three right companies of the 69th Pennsylvania, whose right flank was threatened by the Confederate movement, … Continue reading

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“I threw down my gun and held up both my hands” – Prisoners of War, Part I

    How were men taken prisoner during the battle? How did the armies process the POW’s they captured and move them from the battlefield to prisons in the North and South? And what was the experience of those captured in … Continue reading

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“. . . in my opinion the army will never be made up of such material again” – Confederate Losses at Gettysburg

    Historians and students of Gettysburg have long wrestled with accurately determining the losses the Army of Northern Virginia in the Gettysburg campaign and battle. The initial returns for the army were submitted by Medical Director Surgeon Lafayette Guild on … Continue reading

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Faces of Gettysburg – Lieutenant William E. Harris, Company F, 45th North Carolina Infantry

   The 149th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg is past and I thought this was an appropriate moment to reflect on the battle’s personal impact. Each casualty of that battle has its own story. We need to hear them … Continue reading

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