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Improving Water Quality on the Gettysburg Battlefield

“We all live downstream.” You have probably heard this before and it is very true. The quality of the water we drink, the waters we swim in on a hot summer day and the waters we fish in is determined … Continue reading

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Cursed Rocks

The packages seem totally innocuous. Not very large. Slightly heavier than you might expect for their size. Addressed to Gettysburg National Military Park, but not to a specific department or person.  Often without a return address. Not terribly unusual at … Continue reading

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Gettysburg at 24 degrees

As we enjoy another winter here at Gettysburg National Military Park, the park staff invite you to remember that a winter’s walk on the Gettysburg battlefield offers a terrific opportunity to study topography as well as a time for quiet … Continue reading

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Blooming now on the Gettysburg Battlefield

On walks this week through Gettysburg National Military Park, I have encountered  beautiful blooming Pennsylvania native wildflowers.  These shots are from April 16 and 17, 2013 at Culp’s Hill, Power’s Hill and at the park Museum and Visitor Center. Spring only seems to … Continue reading

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Gettysburg’s orchards

In the summer of 2000, the National Park Service started its long-term project to bring back missing features on the Gettysburg battlefield that affected the fighting.  Since then, we have removed non-historic trees, re-established open fields and meadows, rebuilt miles of … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Campfire Programs: The Nature of the Gettysburg Battlefield

Evening Campfire programs are the hidden secret to Gettysburg’s summer programs.  They are a relaxing and enjoyable thing in the evening and are a very traditional program for the National Park Service. Rangers present these free programs on a wide variety … Continue reading

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Amphibians: Then and Now.

The Civil War generated countless journal and diary entries and in some cases these journals documented the natural world that surrounded the soldiers on both sides of the war. The following is an excerpt from Kelby Ouchely’s “Flora and Fauna … Continue reading

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Why does the Museum and Visitor Center landscaping look the way it does?

Every morning this week, the frost has been taking its toll on the wildflowers, grasses and other native plants growing around the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center.  Visitors often ask us about the unusual landscaping around the … Continue reading

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Fungus Among Us – Battlefield Mushrooms!

If you haven’t seen them already fungi or fall mushrooms are fruiting all across the battlefield landscape. You can find them along the edges of park avenues, historic woodlots, and even in open old fields. Mushrooms come in all shapes … Continue reading

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