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The Quartermaster’s Tale – Part 2

    In my last post we met Captain W. Willard Smith, an assistant quartermaster who was sent to Gettysburg after the battle, along with Captain Henry B. Blood, another quartermaster, to see to the clean-up of the field and recovery … Continue reading

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Prisoners – Part 3 – A Confederate Story

    On the afternoon of July 1, Confederate general Robert E. Rodes, commanding a division in Lt. General Richard Ewell’s Second Corps, ordered the North Carolina brigade of Brigadier General Alfred Iverson to assault what Rodes believed was the enemy’s … Continue reading


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“I can’t tell you what we suffered” Prisoners, Part 2 – A Union Story

    When infantry of Pickett’s division began to pour over the stone wall at the Angle during the climatic moments of Pickett’s Charge, the three right companies of the 69th Pennsylvania, whose right flank was threatened by the Confederate movement, … Continue reading

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“I threw down my gun and held up both my hands” – Prisoners of War, Part I

    How were men taken prisoner during the battle? How did the armies process the POW’s they captured and move them from the battlefield to prisons in the North and South? And what was the experience of those captured in … Continue reading

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