“From the Fields of Gettysburg” is the official blog of Gettysburg National Military Park. Posts on this blog are composed by employees of the National Park Service at Gettysburg as well as park interns and guests. Our purpose is to highlight the stories of the battle and campaign, with features on those who were involved in the development and remembrance of the story of Gettysburg. We also feature posts on current park happenings and events of special interest. The National Park Service is dedicated to protecting the resource and providing visitors with a full experience in appreciating our nation’s past and we hope you enjoy our blog.



5 Responses to About

  1. M chadwick says:

    What a great interesting read on the Mystery Solved!!! For over 30 years I have often wondered who the brave soldiers were in Civil War photos of Gettysburg. I think you are on to something big. Keep up the work…

  2. Dieter says:

    You should maybe put some information on your About page?

  3. Christopher Mattingly says:

    I have been visiting Gettysburg for years, having grown up just south in Carroll County. I had the privilege of finally finding the location of several of the burial trenches on Culp’s Hill. I have volunteered for numerous living histories at Pitzer’s woods and at the Pennsylvania memorial. In finding many of these unmarked burial sites, I was interested to know if their are any plans to include interpretation (through signs and/or markers). Additionally, I (and many of my fellow living historians that regularly volunteer at the park) were interested in helping with maintenance of this sites in any way possible.

    • The Staff says:

      The National Park Services asks for the public to join us in treating the entire battlefield as “Sacred Ground” that deserves both protection and respect. Records show that the vast majority of Union and Confederate graves have been removed from battlefield burial sites. Identification of graves at Culp’s Hill or elsewhere at Gettysburg is speculation. Marking these speculative burial sites would subject them to the threat of damage, looting and other violations of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Please help us protect these sites. – Gettysburg National Military Park staff

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