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“The hissing bullet has sung his requiem.” The Obituary for a New York Soldier.

The devastating news arrived in Dunkirk, New York on a warm July day- Private Thomas Holland, the  town’s former clothing merchant, a soldier in the 72nd New York Infantry, was dead, killed at Gettysburg. Like so many families affected by … Continue reading

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The Daughters of Charity and the Battle of Gettysburg

Three days of heavy fighting during the Battle of Gettysburg resulted in more than 45,000 Union and Confederate casualties. From the time that the first shots were fired on July 1st, and for the next several weeks, the town of … Continue reading

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Those Lost then Found at Culp’s Hill

Despite early efforts to remove the dead from the battlefield, lost graves were discovered at Culp’s Hill for many years after the war. Continue reading

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Paul Heller: A Young Marine’s Story

On a beautiful spring day in South-Central Pennsylvania there is likely not a more serene, peaceful, and awe-inspiring place to take a walk than the Gettysburg National Cemetery.   As you stroll among the rows upon rows of the deceased, and … Continue reading

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A Winter Wonderland for Short-eared Owls

Last winter birders and wildlife photographers flocked to the fields of Pickett’s Charge to view and photograph short-eared owls. It was great to see civil war history buffs mingle with natural history buffs as both enjoyed viewing these charismatic birds. … Continue reading

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“My Dear Carl” A Father Writes his Children after Gettysburg.

Hundreds of thousands of letters were sent home by soldiers to loved ones during the Civil War, most with several common themes: hardships, the weather, the writer’s health, a brief description of a battle, the boredom and routine of drill, … Continue reading

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A Hard Road to Travel: Two Perspectives on the March to Gettysburg, Part 3

Dawn, July 5, 1863. The gloom of the day is accentuated by dense, gray clouds and intermittent rain showers. The sharp report of stray rifle shots echo across the battlefield as the last of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia leave … Continue reading

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A Hard Road to Travel: Two Perspectives on the March to Gettysburg, Part 2

June 1863 was a warm month in northern Virginia, and some days were downright suffocating. As the armies plodded northward, man and animal alike suffered from the intense heat and choking dust.  Scores fell out of the ranks, exhausted and … Continue reading

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A Hard Road to Travel- Two Perspectives, Part 1

While the three day battle of Gettysburg is certainly the most figurative event in the eastern theater of war during the summer of 1863, the month-long campaign to reach that fateful encounter lasted from early June through mid-July, filled with … Continue reading

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The Mears Party and the Medal of Honor, Part 2

The memorable charge of the Pennsylvania Reserves on July 2,1863 was soon history, passed on in soldiers’discussions and newspaper articles. Left out of the printed accounts was the charge of the “Mears Party” that captured over a dozen southerners, a … Continue reading

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