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Dr. William C. Storrick –Gettysburg’s “Local Historian”

William C. Storrick certainly holds an interesting, if not a unique position among the pantheon of notable Gettysburg residents present during the time of the great battle. Perhaps best-remembered today under the umbrella term of “local historian,” that term perhaps … Continue reading


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In Small Books Forgotten

Politics. Warfare. Social disruption. All of these plagues, in some form or fashion, have ensnared an unhappy humanity for thousands of years. Written accounts, both primary and secondary, exist of these disparate events, and how they tended to affect various … Continue reading

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“A Young Officer of Great Promise:” The Fate of 2nd Lieutenant Gilbert Arnold Dickey of the 24th Michigan Infantry

When he awoke early on the morning of July 1, 1863, near the banks of Marsh Creek and several miles south of the town of Gettysburg, in south-central Pennsylvania, 2nd Lieutenant Gilbert Dickey’s first thoughts were most assuredly of his … Continue reading

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The War on Boredom Vol. IV

As more and more localities across the nation turn to “stay at home” orders in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, yet another facet of our daily lives is feeling the impact of the first global pandemic of … Continue reading

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The War on Boredom Vol. III

“I receive the ‘Chronicle’ regularly” Lately a lot of people have probably spent more time than usual scrolling through the news, tracking the latest updates on the spread or containment of COVID-19, the economy and the upcoming 2020 election.  Or … Continue reading

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The War on Boredom: Volume II

“I write these few lines to you in good health, hoping they find you in the same condition.” Correspondence and Care Packages in the Civil War The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has affected almost every facet of everyday American life … Continue reading

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The War on Boredom Vol. I

There is an old saying about Army life that goes something like  “soldiering is 99% boredom, and 1% sheer terror.”  Finding the bona-fide original author of this phrase proves to be quite a challenge today though it can be found in writing from as recent as the Global War on Terror to as … Continue reading

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“The hissing bullet has sung his requiem.” The Obituary for a New York Soldier.

The devastating news arrived in Dunkirk, New York on a warm July day- Private Thomas Holland, the  town’s former clothing merchant, a soldier in the 72nd New York Infantry, was dead, killed at Gettysburg. Like so many families affected by … Continue reading

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The Daughters of Charity and the Battle of Gettysburg

Three days of heavy fighting during the Battle of Gettysburg resulted in more than 45,000 Union and Confederate casualties. From the time that the first shots were fired on July 1st, and for the next several weeks, the town of … Continue reading

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Those Lost then Found at Culp’s Hill

Despite early efforts to remove the dead from the battlefield, lost graves were discovered at Culp’s Hill for many years after the war. Continue reading

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