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“The hissing bullet has sung his requiem.” The Obituary for a New York Soldier.

The devastating news arrived in Dunkirk, New York on a warm July day- Private Thomas Holland, the  town’s former clothing merchant, a soldier in the 72nd New York Infantry, was dead, killed at Gettysburg. Like so many families affected by … Continue reading

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The Mears Party and the Medal of Honor, Part 1

Extraordinary incidents occur in the whirlwind of battle and the Battle of Gettysburg certainly has its share- heroism, cowardice, curiosity, gallantry and even humor. Few incidents are more enthralling than those which earned an individual the cherished Medal of Honor … Continue reading


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When the Martians Visited Gettysburg

It was very soon after the Battle of Gettysburg when the recounting of battle events and experiences evolved to become battlefield legends, which flourished as the tourism industry in Adams County grew.  Most were quite sentimental- blue and gray calling an … Continue reading

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The Enduring Might of Melody and Verse: Instrumental Pieces

We continue our look at music inspired by the Battle of Gettysburg, and today present two instrumental pieces: Pickett’s Charge March, and the Battle of Gettysburg.   Pickett’s Charge March While the Battle of Gettysburg was a defeat for the … Continue reading

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Sergeant Duckett’s Hat

There is a gleam in his eye; the slight smile partially obscured by his goatee reveals a certain smugness under that old weather beaten, bullet-torn hat, a relic of his service in a war fought fifty years before when he … Continue reading

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Lieutenant Cushing

    1st Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing is possibly the most famous 1st Lieutenant of the Battle of Gettysburg, perhaps of the Civil War. There is now a good chance that Cushing, who was killed on July 3 during Pickett’s Charge, … Continue reading

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Romances of Gettysburg – The Barlow-Gordon Incident, Part 3

    Nearly everything we know about the Barlow-Gordon incident came from John B. Gordon. What did Francis Barlow have to say about it? The answer is Barlow did not write about the war. His son Charles wrote to the National … Continue reading

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Romances of Gettysburg – The Barlow-Gordon Incident, Part 2

    Who was Clarkson Nott Potter? He is important to unraveling the Barlow-Gordon story, for it was at his Washington, D.C. residence that John B. Gordon says he met Francis C. Barlow again, sixteen years after the Battle of Gettysburg. … Continue reading

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Romances of Gettysburg – The Barlow-Gordon Incident

    It is perhaps the most well known human-interest story of the Battle of Gettysburg; Confederate Brigadier General John B. Gordon, his troops in pursuit of the retreating Federal soldiers of the 11th Corps on the afternoon of July 1, … Continue reading

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Who Shot J.R.? Part Three

    Four years after his letter to Samuel Bates about Reynolds’ death, in 1880, Joseph Rosengarten gave the keynote address for the presentation of the Ole Balling (a Dutch artist) portrait of General Reynolds to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

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